Audio Delay software AudioSyncer

AudioSyncer is a program that lets you use your computer's sound card to insert a delay in the audio portion of your TV entertainment system. This is especially useful if you have a video display that is behind your audio by a fraction of a second.

The Problem with Today's Audio/Video Entertainment Systems

There is a common problem with today's sophisticated digital televisions and digital receivers. Sometimes it takes a digital television some processing time to decode a digital video signal. This can create a very unnatural situation where you are able to hear an event before you can see the event happen. This is just the opposite of what your brain has been programmed to expect. Since light travels faster than sound, your brain expects to see things happen before it hears them. Hearing something happen before you see it happen is very unnatural and can ruin your viewing experience. AudioSyncer has been especially designed to solve this problem.

Use your Windows Computer or Laptop

Use the audio line input and your audio output to delay the sound from your video source (DVD or cable box). Choose the exact amount of time you need to delay your audio to create nearly perfect synchronization between your audio and video.

Free 15 Day Unlimited Use Trial

Download and install AudioSyncer software for free. Use it as much as you want for 15 days. Test AudioSyncer completely before you purchase AudioSyncer. The price for AudioSyncer is $10 using PayPal. Automatic activation requires a temporary connection to the internet. Instructions are available on request for activation on computers not connected to the internet. For automatic activation, firewall software may need (but usually does not need) to be temporarily disabled.

Screen Shot

The interface for AudioSyncer is very simple.

AudioSyncer Screen Shot


Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Download Version 1.4

The executable will uncompress itself and then install AudioSyncer for you. Follow the easy installation instructions when they appear.

Purchase AudioSyncer $10

AudioSyncer is $10. Click this button to purchase AudioSyncer:

Important Notice: PayPal has changed their API, so automatic activation is not working at the moment and must be performed manually. You can come back later when this gets fixed, or go ahaid with your purchase and your activation will be processed within 24 hours. See below for support email address.
After you have paid using the "BUY NOW" button, you will be directed to a page where you will receive an activation code which will permanently activate AudioSyncer on your computer. A message containing your activation will also be sent to the E-mail address on record with PayPal. Be sure to check your junk folder.

Setup Help

Sound Settings

AudioSyncer will use your default audio input device and your default audio output device. In your control panel, click "Sounds and Audio Devices". Click the "Audio" tab. Make sure your sound playback and your sound recording devices are set correctly for your computer.

A Picture of Sound Properties

Priority Setting

AudioSyncer does not use much CPU time, but when it needs CPU time, it realy needs it right away. If you want to minimize AudioSyncer while it is running and use your computer for other things, you may need to increase the prioity of AudioSyncer. If you hear skipping, try increasing the priority of AudioSyncer. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to see the process list. Locate AudioSyncer.exe in the list. Right click the process and set the proity to Realtime.

A Picture of Priority Settings

Laptop Microphone Setup

If you are using AudioSyncer on a laptop, chances are your audio input is set up to be a microphone input, not a line input. You don't want to input line level audio into a microphone input. Microphones output much lower power than what line level devices (like a DVD player) produce. Luckily there is usually an option under your audio volume settings to make your microphone input into a line level input.

Open your volume settings by double clicking on your audio icon in your task bar.

In your "Volume Control" dialog, click Options->Properties.

Volume Properties

Click on the "Recording" option button. Make sure the Microphone check box is checked so that you will see the microphone volume control. Click OK.

Recording Volume

Check the "Mute" boxes under "Line In" and "Microphone". This will stop the sound from automatically being piped from the input to the output. Remember, we want AudioSyncer to move the sound from the input to output for us while inserting our chosen time delay.

Under the Microphone volume control you should find the "Advanced" button. Click on it.

A Picture of Volume Controls

In the "Advanced Controls for Microphone" dialog you should find a "Mic Boost" check box. Un-check the box. Un-checking this box will turn off the microphone boost on your computer so that your microphone input will act as a line level input.

A Picture of Advanced Sound Settings

Click "Close". That's it!

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