Shared Browsing software BrowserFor2

Browse the internet with a friend using BrowserFor2 software.

Congratulations! You just found the most economical co-browsing software available. For the small $5 activation fee you can co-browse with all of your friends. And they do NOT have to activate BrowserFor2 because only one copy of BrowserFor2 is required to be activated.

BrowserFor2 is a browser that links through the internet with another copy of BrowserFor2 in order to create a shared browsing experience! BrowserFor2 is a program that lets two people browse the internet together. Each user can click on a hyperlink and both people will be directed to the new address at the same time.

Internet Explorer Browser

BrowserFor2 uses the copy of Internet Explorer that you already have installed on your Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP computer to do the browsing, so you get all the browsing power of your Internet Explorer.

Co-browse eBay for Free!

BrowserFor2 is free when you browse eBay with a friend. Try it before you buy it.

BrowserFor2 Screen Shot

Download BrowserFor2 Program

Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP Download

The executable will uncompress itself and then install BrowserFor2 for you. Follow the easy installation instruction when they appear. You can try out BrowserFor2 before you decide to activate it. Before activation, BrowserFor2 will only let you browse eBay with a friend.

Activate BrowserFor2 10$


Click this button to purchase BrowserFor2
After you have paid using the "BUY NOW" button, you will be directed to a page where you will receive an activation code which will permanently activate BrowserFor2 on your computer.

Setup Instructions

Good news. For most people using a dial-up internet service, setting up BrowserFor2 is easy! To connect to another BrowserFor2 you will need the IP address of the computer you wish to connect to. BrowserFor2 will show you your IP address. Tell your friend your IP address, or get your friend to tell you his or hers. Watch out because when you or your friend use a dial up service, then your IP address will change every time you dial up. Unfortunately BrowserFor2 does not come with a chat mediation server like Yahoo! or MSN messenger, so this IP address thing will need to be dealt with. Use email or a chat program to communicate one of your IP address to the other. Remember, in order for the "Connect" button to work from your BrowserFor2, you must have the IP address of your friend's computer. Only one BrowserFor2 needs the correct address.

If you or your friend uses a router with IP address sharing or are behind a firewall, then there is more to talk about!

Activation Fee

Only one activation is required to connect two BrowserFor2s together. After connection, the two BrowserFor2s ask each other if one of them is registered. If one is, then full functioning is enabled. If not, then you will be limited to the eBay website where you can test BrowserFor2 all you like before you make a decision to buy.

Solo Test

You can link two BrowserFor2 windows together on one computer. Use the universal local address as your IP address. You will get a port warning message after you start the second BrowserFor2. Just read the message and click OK to continue.

Popup Windows

In order to keep things simpler, it was decided to make BrowserFor2 only work as a single window. That means that any popup windows will not be BrowserFor2 windows. Popup windows will come up under the default browser for your computer. If you wish to folow along with your friend in a popup window, then you must copy and paste the URL from the popup back into BrowserFor2.


There will times when BrowserFor2 fails to keep the pages that are being viewed the same. Hopefully that will not happen so much that you decide to junk BrowserFor2. Use the "Test" button to verify that both BrowserFor2s are showing the same page.


Advertiesements are hear to stay, that is for sure. How else did you hear about BrowserFor2? You should be aware that most advertisements on popular websites rotate. That means the advertisements you see on your screen may not be the advertisements that you friend sees.


A port is local address where connections are accepted. Think of a port as being the office extension of a phone number. Most firewalls allow specific port numbers to be opened up. This allows trusted applications to accept connections from outside the firewall. If you have access to the firewall configuration, you can open a port up for BrowserFor2 to use. Or, if there is an open port number that is not being used, you can let BrowserFor2 use that open port.


It is becoming increasingly common for computer's to be placed behind firewalls at work and in the home. Firewalls stand between the computer and the internet. They let the computer make outgoing connections to web servers. They stop incoming connections. The purpose of stopping incoming connections is to make it harder for someone from the internet to initiate some kind of control over or "attack" your computer. Unfortunately, without the ability to accept incoming connections, a computer can not act as a server. It's like having a telephone that you can make calls from, but will not ring when people call you.

BrowserFor2 is a server and client rolled into one (just like a normal telephone). That means that each BrowserFor2 program can initiate a connection with another BrowserFor2. And they all can accept a connection from one another. Only one of the two instances of BrowserFor2 needs to be able to accept a connection, so if at least one computer is not behind a firewall, then a connection is possible. If both computers are behind the same firewall, then a connection is possible.

Remember, if you are behind a firewall and your friend is not, then you must push the connect button inside your BrowserFor2. That's because your "telephone" does not ring.


If you are sharing an internet connection using a router, then you have a similar situation as being behind a firewall. In order for you to allow BrowserFor2 to accept an incoming connection, the router must be told which computer to send incoming connections to. That means you must configure the router to "Forward" incoming connections for a particular port to a particular computer. Look for the "Forwarding" section of your router setup.

Lots of people use a router in order to share a single internet connection with many computers in the home. If you are behind a IP sharing router, than you must tell your friend the IP address of your internet connected router, not the internal IP address of your computer! And don't forget to tell your router which of your home computers uses the incoming BrowserFor2 port.

Routers and DHCP

If you are using a router to do connection sharing and DHCP, then you may not be able to tell the router which computer to send incoming connections to. You may want to consider giving your home computers local static IP address because this will give you the ability to delegate port addresses among your computers.

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